Digimon: The Movie (2000)

Directed by Mamoru HosodaShigeyasu Yamauchi

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Lara Jill Miller as Kari / Young Kari (voice)Joshua Seth as Young Tai / Tai (voice)Bob Papenbrook as Red Greymon (voice)David Lodge as Parrotmon (voice)Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Tai's Mom (voice)Michael Sorich as Miko / Big Agumon / Gargomon (voice)Peggy O'Neal as Botamon (voice)

The first story focused on Tai and Kari Kamiya four years before their adventure in the Digital World. It shows their first encounter with Digimon and what happened to them (as well as the other children). Tai and Kari wake one morning to find a Digi...

JapanUnited States of AmericaFantasyAnimationScience FictionFamily

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