Dark Skull (2016)

Directed by Kiro Russo

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Narciso Choquecallata as Padrino FranciscoAnastasia Daza López as Grandma RosaFelix Espejo Espejo as JuanIsrael Hurtado as GalloRolando Patzi as CharqueElisabeth Ramírez Galván as Tia CarmenJulio Cezar Ticona as Elder Mamani

Elder Mamaní’s father has died, and it looks as if young Elder couldn’t care less, even though he has no one to take care of him now. He goes to live with his grandmother in the outskirts of the mining city, Huanuni, where Francisco, his godfather, g...

Certified KinoBoliviaQatarAdventureDramaMystery

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