Closely Watched Trains (1966)

Directed by Jiří Menzel

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Václav Neckář as Trainee Milos HrmaJosef Somr as Train dispatcher HubickaVlastimil Brodský as Counselor ZednicekVladimír Valenta as Stationmaster MaxAlois Vachek as NovakFerdinand Krůta as Masa's Uncle NonemanJitka Scoffin as Conducteress MasaJitka Zelenohorská as ZdenkaNaďa Urbánková as Victoria FreieKvěta Fialová as The countess

In a small town still occupied by the Germans as World War II's tide is turning toward the Allies, apprentice train-watcher Milos is oblivious to the war. Instead, he is obsessed with having his first sexual experience. Despite the favors of train co...

Certified KinoCzechoslovakiaDramaComedyWar

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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