Children of Paradise (1945)

Directed by Marcel Carné

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Arletty as Claire Reine, dite GaranceJean-Louis Barrault as Baptiste DebureauPierre Brasseur as Frédérick LemaîtreMaría Casares as NathalieMarcel Herrand as Pierre-François LacenaireLouis Salou as Édouard comte de MontrayPierre Renoir as JerichoJane Marken as Mme HermineGaston Modot as Fil de SoieFabien Loris as Avril

Filmed during the German occupation, this French milestone centers around the theatrical life of a beautiful courtesan and the four men who love her. Voted the “Best French Film in History” by the French Film Academy in 1990......................

Certified KinoFranceDramaRomance

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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