Bimmer (2003)

Directed by Pyotr Buslov

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Sergey Gorobchenko as Petya 'Rama'Vladimir Vdovichenkov as Kostyan 'Kot'Andrey Merzlikin as Dimon 'Oshparennyy'Maksim Konovalov as Lyokha 'Killa'Yana Shivkova as Kat'kaLyudmila Polyakova as SobachikhaAnastasiya Sapozhnikova as Nastya

A black BMW, a symbol of luxury, is racing along the night streets of Moscow in the 90s. Bad luck turns four friends into criminals and they have no way back. Only the black “bimmer” is reliable in this life without rules, taking the friends farther ...


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