Beware of the Car! (1966)

Directed by Eldar Ryazanov

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Innokentiy Smoktunovskiy as Yury DetochkinOleg Efremov as Maxim PodberezovikovGeorgi Zhzhyonov as OfficerOlga Aroseva as LyubaLyubov Dobrzhanskaya as Detochkin's MotherAndrey Mironov as Dima SemitsvetovAnatoli Papanov as Sokol-KruzhkinEvgeniy Evstigneev as Acting coachLyubov Sokolova as JudgeVyacheslav Nevinnyy as Car mechanic

An insurance agent who moonlights as a carthief steals cars various crooks and never from the common people. He sells the stolen cars and gives the money to charity. His best friend, a cop, is assigned to bring in this modern robin hood.................

Certified KinoRussiaSoviet UnionComedyCrimeRomance

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