Babe (1995)

Directed by Chris Noonan

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Christine Cavanaugh as Babe the Gallant Pig (voice)Miriam Margolyes as Fly the Female Sheepdog (voice)Danny Mann as Ferdinand the Duck (voice)Hugo Weaving as Rex the Male Sheepdog (voice)Miriam Flynn as Maa the Very Old Ewe (voice)James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur HoggettRussi Taylor as Dutchess the Cat (voice)

Babe is a little pig who doesn't quite know his place in the world. With a bunch of odd friends, like Ferdinand the duck who thinks he is a rooster and Fly the dog he calls mum, Babe realises that he has the makings to become the greatest sheep pig o...

AustraliaUnited States of AmericaFantasyDramaComedyFamily

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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