Animal Crossing: The Movie (2006)

Directed by Joji Shimura

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Yui Horie as AiFumiko Orikasa as Sari (Margie)Misato Fukuen as Buke (Rosie)Yu Kobayashi as YuuNaoki Tatsuta as Tanukichi (Tom Nook)Shun Oguri as Totakeke (K. K. Slider)Yuichi Kimura as Reset-san (Mr. Resetti)

This is the story of a young self-reliant girl called Ai, who one day, moves into the Animal Village. While working at Tom Nook's shop "Nook's Cranny" she begins living her life away from her family. To begin with, she doesn't know left from right, b...


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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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