Amores Perros (2000)

Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu

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Gael García Bernal as OctavioVanessa Bauche as SusanaGoya Toledo as ValeriaÁlvaro Guerrero as DanielEmilio Echevarría as El ChivoJorge Salinas as LuisRodrigo Murray as GustavoHumberto Busto as JorgeGerardo Campbell as MauricioRosa María Bianchi as Tía Luisa

A fatalistic car crash in Mexico City sets off a chain of events in the lives of three persons: a young man aching to run off with his sister-in-law, a supermodel, and a homeless man. Their lives are catapulted into unforeseen circumstances instigate...

High KinoMexicoDramaThriller

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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