Afonya (1975)

Directed by Georgiy Daneliya

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Leonid Kuravlyov as Борщов Афанасий Николаевич (Афоня)Yevgeniya Simonova as Катя СнегирёваEvgeni Leonov as КоляValentina Talyzina as ВостряковаNikolai Parfyonov as Фомин Борис ПетровичNina Ruslanova as ТамараRadner Muratov as Мурат Рахимов

The 1975 film by Georgi Daneliya "Afonya" was an unexpected commercial hit in USSR. The main character "Afonya" Borshev is a plumber, who spends his life partying with "buddies", many of whom he doesn't even remember after nights of heavy drinking. H...

Certified KinoRussiaSoviet UnionDramaComedyRomance

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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