A Christmas Carol (2009)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis

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Jim Carrey as Scrooge / Ghosts of Christmas (voice)Gary Oldman as Bob Cratchit / Marley / Tiny Tim (voice)Colin Firth as Fred (voice)Robin Wright as Fan / Belle (voice)Cary Elwes as Portly Gentleman / Dick Wilkins / Fiddler / Business Man (voice)Bob Hoskins as Fezziwig / Old Joe (voice)Daryl Sabara as Apprentice / Caroler / Beggar / Peter Cratchit (voice)

Miser Ebenezer Scrooge is awakened on Christmas Eve by spirits who reveal to him his own miserable existence, what opportunities he wasted in his youth, his current cruelties, and the dire fate that awaits him if he does not change his ways. Scrooge ...

United States of AmericaFantasyAnimationFamily

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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