25th Hour (2002)

Directed by Spike Lee

3.58/5 from 6 ratings (rate this movie on Facebook or Discord with `!rate 25th Hour (2002) X.X/5`)

Edward Norton as Monty BroganPhilip Seymour Hoffman as Jacob ElinskyBarry Pepper as Frank SlaughteryRosario Dawson as Naturelle RivieraAnna Paquin as Mary D'AnnuzioBrian Cox as James BroganTony Siragusa as Kostya NovotnyIsiah Whitlock Jr. as Agent Flood

In New York City in the days following the events of 9/11, Monty Brogan is a convicted drug dealer about to start a seven-year prison sentence, and his final hours of freedom are devoted to hanging out with his closest buddies and trying to prepare h...

High KinoUnited States of AmericaDramaCrime

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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