WordGirl 1x35

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In this episode, Tobey's mother "accidentally" sells his master remote and it ends up in the hands of Johnson, who presents it to TJ, the president of the International WordGirl Fanclub, as his club dues. When TJ starts arbitrarily pressing the buttons, robots begin behaving strangely, wrecking various buildings and areas as they go. WordGirl and Huggy find Tobey, who explains the situation, and since WordGirl doesn't know what the remote looks like she suggests they work together to find it. Wordgirl even asks Tobey if he has a tracking device for the remote, which he does, but he hides it in his back pocket saying he has never herd of a "tr-a-cking device." In their search, Tobey slyly suggests that they should search the library, and museum. At the library he even finds Wordgirl's favorite dictionary and at the museum he views her favorite painting.They even get ice cream in the park. Wordgirl actually seems to enjoy this dream date of Tobey's. Vocab words: President, Baffling

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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