Vinland Saga 1x22

Directed by Yasuo Ejima

Maki Kawase as Child Askeladd (voice)Sayaka Ohara as Lydia (voice)Jiro Saito as Olaf (voice)Hana Sato as Sleeping Woman (voice)Masato Niwa as Villager (voice)

Thorfinn begins his duel against Askeladd with Canute and Thorkell as witnesses. However, Thorfinn is unable to strike as he stands overwhelmed by the extraordinary mood that overtakes Askeladd after Bjorn's departure. Having noticed Thorfinn's hesitation, Askeladd lays down his sword and provokes Thorfinn into an unarmed fight, which incites Thorfinn's fury.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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