Vinland Saga 1x17

Directed by Daisuke Kurose

Maki Kawase as Child Askeladd (voice)Satoshi Hino as Willibald (voice)Makoto Furukawa as Ear (voice)Yusuke Sasaki as Member of Askeladd's Mercenaries (voice)Yusuke Ohta as Member of Askeladd's Mercenaries (voice)

Askeladd's men continued their march to escape Thorkell. However, Torgrim and his friends were hatching a plot to switch sides and join Thorkell, taking Canute with them. Torgrim finally launches his rebellion and corners Askeladd, negotiating with him to hand over Canute, then Thorkell arrives in the midst of the confusion.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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