The X-Files 6x11

Directed by Kim Manners

Mitch Pileggi as Walter SkinnerNick Tate as Dr. Eugene OpenshawVeronica Cartwright as Cassandra SpenderGeorge Murdock as Elder #2Al Ruscio as Elder #4

While the Cigarette-Smoking Man recites to an unseen listener everything about the work of the Syndicate involving a global conspiracy in cooperation with an alien species, Cassandra Spender reappears and is pursued by the scientists who would rather kill her than keep her alive. Cassandra runs to Mulder's apartment and demands that he shoot her because she is the culmination of 50 years work - a living alien/human hybrid - and colonization will begin if the aliens find out about her.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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