The Sopranos 2x1

Directed by Allen Coulter

David Margulies as Neil MinkJerry Adler as Hesh RabkinGeorge Loros as Raymond CurtoOksana Lada as Irina PeltsinLillo Brancato as Matt BevilaquaChris Tardio as Sean GismonteNicole Burdette as Barbara GiglioneJohn Billeci as ManagerDarrell Carey as Proctor

Season Two opens with the aftermath of the federal crackdown: Junior's in jail, Melfi refuses to see Tony, Christopher's expanding into new business ventures, Pussy is still missing...and Tony's adjusting to life as the new boss. To complicate matters even more, Tony's free-spirited sister Janice arrives to take care of Livia.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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