Reno 911! 1x3

Directed by Michael Patrick Jann

Toby Huss as Big MikeNick Swardson as Terry BernadinoBryan Shy as Pizza Delivery GuyMina Olivera as Best Looking HookerDavid Mattey as Really Tall Guy

Dangle and Junior try to win tickets to the Amy Grant concert off the radio by naming every Stephen Sondheim musical when they accidentally hit the back of a car (I know, Dangle seems to do that every episode.) At the morning roll call, Dangle announces that he has two passes to a public execution. The officers in the department have to be on the lookout for perps with specific features in a weird scavenger hunt. It concentrates for the rest of the episode the various ways the officers attempt to manipulate the hunt. Garcia ends up winning by bringing in an over 6'5"" Jewish crack head with a wig and a tattoo of a bird (being Jewish was double the points.) He takes the hooker that Williams had arrested to the execution, and all the other officers flip him off as he leaves.

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