Reno 911! 1x2

Directed by Michael Patrick Jann

Charlie Weirauch as Jehovah's WitnessSteve Mallory as Jehovah's WitnessDavid Lincoln as JohnKen Marino as FrankAndrew Bowen as Gas Huffing Redneck

Suspected Fireworks possession Jones and Garcia go to talk to a guy named Carl about illegal fireworks. Prostitution sting Weigel goes undercover and dresses up as prostitute with no results. A.P.B robbery in progress Jones and Garcia make Jehovah witnesses get down on the ground. The deputies mess around with the fireworks they get where Dangle accidentally sets off one in the van which lights up all the fireworks which go of in the van.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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