Mob Psycho 100 2x7

Directed by Tsuyoshi Tobita

Taiten Kusunoki as Banshomaru Shinra (voice)Teruyuki Tanzawa as Kirin Jodo (voice)Toshihiko Seki as Morizo Ebihara (voice)Uki Satake as SATAKE (voice)Ryunosuke Watanuki as Tatsuya Mogi (voice)

After splitting up with Mob, Reigen starts doing a lot of the jobs on his own. He then gets an offer to appear on a TV program. Reigen is ecstatic and accepts the offer, but this was all a trap set by Jodo Kirin, the president of the Rising Sun Spiritual Union. Jodo corners him during the live filming of the show and the fact that Reigen is a fraud comes to light. Reigen gets bashed from all sides and ends up having to hold a press conference...

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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