Mob Psycho 100 1x9

Directed by Yoko Kanamori

Yusuke Kuwahata as Go Asahi (voice)Anri Katsu as Miyagawa (voice)Yuuko Hara as Tsuchiya (voice)Daisuke Kirii as Mutou (voice)Rumi Okubo as Ishiguro (voice)

Ritsu and the others get abducted by a mysterious man named Koyama, and get taken to the secret organization Claw's 7th Division. Claw is an organization who is trying to lead the world to a better future by taking it over. One of Claw's assassins, Terada goes after Mob and Teru, but they overpower him and get him to tell them secrets about the organization. In order to save Ritsu, Mob heads to the 7th Division but encounters another member of Claw.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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