Mob Psycho 100 1x11

Directed by Takebumi Anzai

Yusuke Kuwahata as Go Asahi (voice)Rumi Okubo as Ishiguro (voice)Genki Yoshimoto as Driver (voice)Shunsuke Takeuchi as Member A (voice)Daiki Hamano as Member B (voice)

Mob, Ritsu, and Teru are trapped in a room where they can't use their powers. And then, someone rather unexpected shows up in front of them: Mob's master and self-proclaimed psychic, Reigen. Somehow, Reigen is mistakenly thought as the boss of Claw, and easily manages to get inside and successfully saves Mob and the others. However, there is no way that Ishiguro would let them get away with this. As they try to escape the 7th Division, the upper echelon stands in their way.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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