M*A*S*H 1x15

Directed by William Wiard

William Christopher as Father MulcahyJames B. Sikking as Finance OfficerDennis Fimple as Sergeant 'Sparky' PryorHerb Voland as Crandell ClaytonMary-Robin Redd as Sister Theresa

Hawkeye creates a fake doctor, Captain Jonathan S. Tuttle, to give supplies to the local orphans. Henry wants Tuttle to be officer of the day, so Hawkeye creates a fake personnel file, and all his back pay is given to the orphanage. When General Clayton wants to reward his generosity, Hawkeye is forced to invent a story about Tuttle jumping from a chopper without his parachute! Of course, Trapper's new friend, Captain Murdoch, obtained the fake dog tags and parachute...!

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