Macross Plus 1x3

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A firestorm of emotion ignites when the dangerous rivalry between hotshot renegade Isamu Dyson and ice-cool Zentradei helf-breed Guld Bowman reaches the boiling point amid the pressure of the Super Nova test program. Former singer Myung Lone, now the manager of the computer-generated virtual idol Sharon Apple, is torn between her feelings for the two men as her memories of days gone by on planet Eden are shattered by harsh reality. After an investigation into the so-called 'accident' that left Dyson hospitalized, the UN Government in charge of the test program unveils its hidden agenda and cancels both Dyson and Bowman's experimental star fighters in favor of a new artificially intelligent aircraft. Myung leaves them behind, heading for Earth and an uncertain future, while Dyson, with the help of hacker genius Yang, hijacks the YF-19 fighter and heads after her. Only one other plane can catch him -- the rival YF-21. Bowman climbs aboard and the chase is on... Meanwhile on Earth, on the eve of her greatest concert, the computerized Sharon Apple has become self-aware for the very first time ... and the consequences can be murder...

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