Jackie Chan Adventures 1x7

Directed by Rick Del Carmen

Andre Braugher as Derge (voice)Maile Flanagan as Maynard (voice)Travis Willingham as Dark Hand Thug 2 (voice)Kyle Hebert as Dark Hand Thug 1 (voice)Paul St. Peter as Dark Hand Thug 3 (voice)

After having a fight with Shendu, Valmont keeps the Dragon Talisman of combustion for himself and not only busts into the U.S. Mint but puts Captain Black into the hospital as well. Valmont steals all the gold in the reserve, and Jackie must get the talisman, but this time, he has to use his brain to defeat Valmont because of Valmont's incredible powers.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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