Jackie Chan Adventures: Season 1, Episode 12

Directed by Bryan Andrews

Kevin Durand as Thug 1 (voice)Doug Erholtz as Thug 4 (voice)Kyle Hebert as Thug 3 (voice)Kirk Thornton as Thug 2 (voice)Julian Sands as Valmont (voice)

The Tiger Talisman splits the dark and light sides of Jackie in two, which makes it easy for Valmont to trick his dark side into working for the Dark Hand. The light Jackie could not do anything, he does not want to fight, while the dark Jackie steals the 12 talismans from Section 13. Both halves fight for the talisman, but Valmont gets to it first and uses it to turn Shendu into it's old self again, an alive, giant dragon demon.

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