Ed, Edd n Eddy 3x6

Directed by Danny Antonucci

Edd is showing Eddy his laundry chutes, bragging about how he laced them with silicon. Unimpressed Eddy questions Edd. After Edd explains how fast they get to the bottom, Eddy takes off down one without listening to Edd's safety precautions. In the basement, Eddy stumbles upon Edd's failed inventions. Again, ignoring Edd, Eddy finds himself helpless to one of the older ones, messing up his face. Edd finds this funny, sending Eddy chasing him to Ed's house. Guardsmen Jimmy and Sarah stand in front of Ed's window, informing Eddy and Edd on how Ed's been grounded. Distractions involving Jonny, give Edd and Eddy time to sneak Ed out of the house. Of course, they get caught, and all three of the Ed's are grounded.

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