Ed, Edd n Eddy 3x1

Directed by Danny Antonucci

After losing a cul-de-sac race, Rolf mopes about how he is homesick and misses his old country. Eddy comes up with the scam of a lifetime. He pretends that Ed's shoe is a magic wishgiver. When Rolf asks to use it, Eddy declines until Rolf gives up some change. Rolf wishes to return to his home country, and the stench from Ed's shoe causes him to pass out. He wakes up in an old-world-style village created by the Eds. Edd's Encyclopedia of Old World Culture helped them to create a perfect replica. Eddy is satisfied, but Edd feels bad for Rolf and makes the Eds play along with their scam, so now they have to succumb to Rolf's odd culture. All goes well until a curious Jonny wrecks the whole thing.

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