Desperate Housewives 1x9

Directed by Fred GerberLarry Shaw

Doug Savant as Tom ScavoShawn Pyfrom as Andrew Van de KampMarla Sokoloff as ClaireHamilton Camp as Brian LinderJoyce Guy as Nurse Kelly

Looking to give her life a purpose, Gabrielle decides to organize a glamorous Halston fashion show for charity highlighting the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Bree and Rex are at odds on how to punish Andrew for putting Mrs. Solis in the hospital and finding drugs in his room. The police investigate a toy chest that Paul Young dumped in the river. Lastly, Lynette uses her business acumen to poach a nanny, Claire, but ends up getting involved between her current employer, Alexis.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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