Desperate Housewives 1x11

Directed by Fred GerberJohn David Coles

Doug Savant as Tom ScavoShawn Pyfrom as Andrew Van de KampRichard Burgi as Karl MayerKathryn Joosten as Karen McCluskeyAshley Rose Orr as Julie's Friend #2

Edie organizes a neighborhood search for the missing Mrs. Huber, just as the absent busybody's sister Felicia Tilman arrives on Wisteria Lane. Meanwhile, Bree resigns herself to her marital state and asks an attractive pharmacist on a date. Susan's ex Karl suddenly reappears in her life, and Lynette fears that Tom is attracted to the new nanny. Lastly, Gabrielle sinks to new depths.. she gets a job.

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Subtitle languages: EnglishSpanishBrazilian Portuguese

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