Courage the Cowardly Dog 2x23

Directed by John R. Dilworth

Eustace's plants never grow right. The moon has gotten tired of watching Eustace fail to grow just 1 plant so he haunts the house by making objects like food,applainces,etc. come to life. He tells Muriel,Eustace, and Courage they must get out of the house if they don't grow 1 plant by midnight. At exactly 12:00 Courage takes some of Eustace's sweat ( he is sweating beacause of the moons torture which is making the house extremly hot for them so they'll move out of the house) and puts it on the plant,it grows! They stay at the house and the moon stops being unfriendly. Eustace puts up a plant stand and is dermited to sell plants since he grew this plant ""all by himself""!

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