Black Rock Shooter 1x6

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As Mato breaks down from what she had just done, Black Rock Shooter transforms into Insane Black Rock Shooter and stands against Black Gold Saw. As Black Rock Shooter rips off her own arm to fight against Black Gold Saw, Mato passes out from the pain, preventing Yuu from calling her back to her body. She brings her to Saya, who wanted to prevent Black Rock Shooter from causing destruction in the other world, but can't bring herself to kill Mato in order to do so. Instead, Saya transport her mind to Black Gold Saw's so she can try to reach Mato. Saya talks about how she befriended Yuu, who had been constantly bullied at both home and school. One night, when Yuu's house caught fire, Saya wrongly assumed Yuu was responsible and felt guilty. When Saya found her the next day, she asked Saya to protect her and awakened her connection to Black Gold Saw. Back in the present, Strength steps in to fight Black Rock Shooter in Black Gold Saw's place, allowing Saya to return. As Strength overwhelms Black Rock Shooter in battle, Yomi returns to school with no apparent memory of Mato.

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