Black Rock Shooter 1x4

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In the other world, another being named Strength is seen throwing Chariot's corpse off a cliff. Meanwhile, Kagari starts going to school and starts making friends which, on top of Mato's duties with her club, causes Yomi to feel unwanted. As Kagari asks Mato for some advice on how to cheer up Yomi, they stumble upon Yomi arguing with Kagari's friends, saying something she soon regrets and locking herself in her room, ignoring Kagari's visits. The next day, the boy Arata confessed to the other day tries to apologise to her, but she has no memory of him. Meanwhile, Yomi falls further into depression when she receives a text from Yuu. Believing Kagari to be the only one who would need her, Yomi snaps when Kagari tells her to let her go. This has an effect on the other world, as Dead Master emerges with a darker personality and stands off against Black Rock Shooter.

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