Black Rock Shooter 1x3

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As Mato prepares to go to training camp with her basketball club, Yomi starts to become jealous of Mato's childhood friend, Yuu Kotari. Mato has more dreams involving Black Gold Saw during camp, and at the same time, Saya takes an interest in Yomi. Upon returning to school, the basketball coach, Arata Kohata, discovers the boy she had a crush on had posted her love letter for all to see. She holds back tears in front of the crowd, and ultimately laughs off the incident as if it hardly mattered to her. Kohata visits Saya afterward, but Saya begins acting strangely by taunting Kohata, reminding her that everyone is laughing at her. In the other world, Black Rock Shooter attacks Black Gold Saw's hideout, killing her minions. Simultaneously in the human word, Kohata experiences a sudden pain in her head and falls unconscious in front of Mato.

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