Discord Bot


The bot is under a verification process from Discord. This means you are no longer allowed to add the bot to any server until it gets verified. Starting the verification process at 6 Jun, the process can take up four weeks. Please stay tuned.

Kinobot has a featureful Discord bot, and you can add it to your own server! It can handle any type of on-demand request commands, explore the database, insert ratings and requests, and a lot more.


Click here


Two prefixes can be used:
  • k!

  • k.

Run k!help or k.help for the complete list of commands.


  • k!req Taxi Driver (1976) [40:40] [41:40]

  • k.parallel Taxi Driver (1976) [40:40] [41:40] | A Woman Under the Influence (1974) [40:40] –aspect-quotient 1.9

Unlimited requests and Patrons

  • Active Kinobot patrons have unlimited on-demand req, parallel, swap, and palette requests.

  • Normal users have a limit of seven on-demand requests per day.


Every other command is unlimited for everyone.