Alejandro Herrera

Request Used
!req True Detective S01E08 [570-574] 1
!req The Boys S01E01 [Name's Butcher.] [Billy Butcher.] 1
!req True Detective S03E04 [Stop talkin' shit about me.] [Or what?] [Or I'm gonna start cryin'.] 1
!req True Detective S03E07 [In 2012,] [two former Louisiana state policestopped a serial killer] [associated withsome kind of pedophile ring.] [Despite evidence of accomplices,the case never went wider.] [Think I read about that.] 1
!req The Boys S01E02 [Listen, Anika.] [I'm the Homelander.- Mm-hmm.] [And I can do whateverthe fuck I want.] [Okay?] 1
!req Drive My Car 2021 [How's her driving?] [It's fabulous.] [She speeds up and slows downso smoothly, I hardly feel gravity.] [Sometimes I forget I'm in a car.] [I've experienced many people's driving,but it's never been so pleasant.] [I'm glad she was assignedas my driver is how I feel now.] 1
!req The Boys S02E08 [I can't do that anymore.] [I think it's time I go off,] [stand on my own two feetfor once.] [Right. Um...] [Yeah, no worries. We'll, um...] [We'll just be friends, then.] [Oh— oh, God, no. No, no, no.] [I'm still gonna cling onto you,I'm not fucking crazy.] 1
!req Alien 1979 [This is Ripley, last survivorof the Nostromo...] [signing off.] [Come on, cat.] 1
!req Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 2016 [You're not taking him.] [No, of course I'm not. I'm taking you all.] [You'll all come. You, your child.You'll all live in comfort.] [As hostages.] [As heroes of the Empire.] 1
!req Judas and the Black Messiah 2021 [We don't fight fire with fire,we fight fire with water.] [This man.] [You don't fight racism with racism.We gonna fight with solidarity.] [Fredrick Allen Hampton.] [We ain't gonna fight capitalismwith Black capitalism,] [we gonna fight capitalismwith socialism.] [Fuckin' Crowns. Of course.] 1
!req No Time to Die 2021 [Tell M hello, but...I don't work for him anymore.] [Tell him yourself.] [By the way,] [I'm not just any old double-0.] [I'm 007.] [You probably thoughtthey'd retire it.] [It's just a number.] [Yeah.] 1
!req The Green Knight 2021 [You tellme a taleof yourself,] [so that I mightknow thee.] [I have none to tell, King.] [Yet.] [You have noneto tell yet.] [Yet.] 1
!req Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004 [This was an age when only menwere allowed to read the news.] [And in San Diego,] [one anchormanwas more man than the rest.] [His name was Ron Burgundy.] [He was like a godwalking amongst mere mortals.] [He had a voice that couldmake a Wolverine purr,] [and suits so fine they made Sinatralook like a hobo.] [In other words, Ron Burgundywas the balls.] 1
!req Shin Godzilla 2016 [Gojira is a mixotroph with anorgan that converts decaying heat.] [A bold but viable hypothesis.] [It can survive anywherewith water or oxygen.] [Like an ascetic's way of living.] [So Gojira's is not onlya threat to mankind's survival...] [but also poses a revelationof limitless material potential.] 1
!req Better Call Saul S01E06 [I was the only one...] [I was the only onethat could get him] [to debase himselflike that.] [And it was for nothing.] [I made him lesser.] [I made him like me.] [And the bastardskilled him anyway.] 1
!req Better Call Saul S01E10 [You want to knowwhy I didn't takethat money?] [Is thatwhat you're asking?] [Yeah,that's what I'm asking.] [Me, personally,I was hired to do a job.] [I did it.That's as far as it goes.] [Yeah. Well,I know what stopped me.] [And you know what?It's neverstopping me again.] 1
!req The Northman 2022 [In the end,] [you're just like your father.] [Evil begets evil.] [How do you knowit's your son's heart] [and not the heartof a rabid dog killed two nights ago?] 1
!req The Lighthouse 2019 [O what Protean forms swim upfrom men's minds,] [and melt in hot Promethean plunder,] [scorching eyes,with divine shames and horror...] [And casting them down to Davy Jones.] 1
!req Better Call Saul S03E04 [Would you care to know] [why I stopped youfrom killing Hector?] [Like you said —it wasn't in your interest.] [A bullet to the headwould have been far too humane.] 1
!req Chungking Express 1994 [When people cry,you just give them a tissue.] [But when an apartment cries,it's a lot of work to mop it up.] ::EDITED:: --font helvetica-italic --font-size 27 --stroke-width 4 1
!req The Mandalorian S01E08 [I need to remove your helmetif I am to save you.] [Try it and I'll kill you.] [It is forbidden.] [No living thing has seen mewithout my helmet since I swore the Creed.] [I am not a living thing.] 1
!req Oldboy 2003 [To be honestI have no reason to help you.] [But you see...] [I was touchedby this last sentence.] ["Even though I'm no better than a beast...] [don't I have the right to live?"] 0
!req The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent 2022 [Whether you like it or not,you have a gift.] [And that gift brings lightand joy to an increasingly] [dark and broken world!] [And to turn your backon that gift] [is to turn your backon the entire human race.] [The human race?] [I'm afraid so.] 0